Embrace yourself or why we define our value over our body

Last night I spent my time watching the movie #embrace with Taryn Brumfitt and produced by Nora Tschirner. The key message behind it deeply affect myself. I was touched. Truly mooved because there are actually so many women who define their value over their body and appearance. For many years I believed that: “slender women are more valuable and better people than the one more corpulent”; a thought that sometimes pops up even nowadays. Seen from a distance, a totally surreal idea. The movie pictures beautifully what is getting dictated to us from the outside – there are only beautiful women with perfectly shaped bodies in this world. Please excuse this word: bullshit! There are as many different women as there are people on earth. And there are so many wonderful women!
I was never slim. When I was a little girl I already got embraced by the first “love handles” around my belly, which did never bother me at that time. But it started when it bothered my environment. From everywhere around me I heard: "oh my God is that girl fat." It seemed that I was exclusively defined by my weight. It went so far that I was not allowed to go dancing. Fat girls do not dance. That was painful. What happened through all these experiences: constraints and doubts have gained enormous power. It went so far, that I did not want to leave the house anymore. An enormously painful time in my life. This inflicted definition of myself did accompany me for a long time. The belief of being less valuable did strongly grapple.
The movie traced back the pain from my childhood. At the same time, however, it incredibly touched my self-love. My last diet dates back 6 years. At that time, it was incredibly striking the reaction of the people around me just because of the fact that I was loosing weight. Is that a performance? For me, the real performance was, especially after having seen the movie yesterday and according to my own experiences, the ability of a woman to present herself in a confident way and accepting everything about her without reservation. Just like the women shown in the movie. Or just like you and me.



"The ability of a woman to present herself in a confident way and accepting everything about her
without reservation is for me the bigger achievement than making a diet.”



No body delusion. No body cult. But pure self-love.

One of the actresses in the movie expressed it in a wonderful way: put yourself ahead of the mirror, naked, and keep repeating to yourself “I love you”. At the beginning you feel uncomfortable and it gives you trouble doing it. Incredibly challenging. But the more often you do it, the easier it gets. A lot easier.


I went this path as well and was standing in front of the mirror. I began accepting myself but there was one thing that I still denied: my belly. Especially in the presence of slender women I felt bad. Worthless. Until recently, I abandoned this last negative feeling. How was I able to do that? I took a picture of my nude belly. With my precious red lipstick I wrote the words “I love my Pancino” on it (Pancino: is an italian word which means “little belly”). Again, I took a picture and sent it to a good friend of mine. As a sign, that I finally also accepted that part of my body. Incredible but also kind of classic what happened next.


By studying the picture I realized that my belly was actually pretty cute! Without wrinkles but with a soft and smooth skin. Something changed - I suddenly was respectful towards my body center. Realizing that it is the headquarter of my emotions. Even more than that it was also a temporary home for my son. Where he came into existence. And everything I did until then was to fight against it. I stopped. Instead I started intentionally touching it – massaging it - appreciating it. Again and again. Today, when I look at myself in the mirror, I recognize a wonderful woman in peace with herself. A beautiful feeling of being arrived. I feel wonderful, a feeling coming from inside me not from the outside. I allow myself to be me. Just me. I do not want to look like the others want me to look anylonger. I simply want to be me. The way I am and look.

Life is fabulous, valuable and way too short to constantly chase an ideal.


To all the lovely women out there – love yourself exactly the way you are. It is worth it. Open yourself to the preciousness that lies in each and everyone of you.


Leave the constant fight of your body behind – it is like attacking your own home, where you live in and where you feel safe and secure. Have confidence in yourself. In your whole perfection. Do no longer let others persuade you the need to change. Rather connect to the force inside you, with you and start NOW to deeply, truly love you.



As soon as we find peace we are able to be in connection with ourselves and our heart. With the best in you. No wasting of energy anylonger to the things we do not like but to focus and accept what lies in us.

"Formed through the dark side and the bright side of life the wonderful whole is being generated - YOU"

Give the treasure in you the allowance to show itself. Infinitely powerful.
That is what I wish you. Now. Embrace yourself.

The best lies in you.


Heart greetings and the best is in you.

Sandra Elsig

Und hier noch der Link zum deutschen Trailer von "Embrace". 


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